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Commentary from my experience in the Average Jo Triathlon

It started with a yellow swim cap, which I apprehensively squeezed over my head.

Staring out at the buoy markers, I pushed all negative thoughts out of my mind and focused on making it all the way – slow and steady, in the  spirit of Turtle Fest.

I wasn’t gliding through the water like I had envisioned in my dreams, but I made it. And I actually sort of enjoyed myself. I remember thinking, “It’s summer, and this is awesome.” In a state where summer graces us for only a few months out of the year, it makes sense to be grateful for an opportunity to swim in a lake not covered in ice.

Average Jo Triathlon 2011


Emerging from the water, I knew the fun was just about to begin. I grabbed my sweet little Cannondale, Serena, and off we went. It was time to bike. As it turns out, mountain biking helped my game. While my time wasn’t as wonderful as I had hoped, I did notice a definite improvement in my strength. Hills that would have once evoked emotions of dread were tiny compared to some of the inclines I’ve seen off road. My perspective had changed, which I’m learning more and more plays a large role in shaping what a person is capable of accomplishing.

Anyone who’s done a triathlon or duathlon knows that running after an intense bike proves to be a bit more challenging. The first couple of miles were rough. My legs felt like dead weights, but when you’re so close to the finish line, there are no other options than to move forward. And, just like that, the finish line was in sight. I love finish lines.

Merriam-Webster defines finish as “to come to the end of a course, task or undertaking.” What’s better than that? Knowing that you’ve set your mind on a challenge, and have used your body, mind and determination to pull through. Everyone who completed the race, no matter what place they finished, completed their task.

Now that’s a reason to celebrate.

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