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Uncovering life’s lessons on the trails

My mother always told me to be humble. I think that might be why I took up mountain bike racing this year.

For someone who considers herself to be relatively fit, breathing like an old man while nearly passing out on the side of a ski hill in 90 degree temperatures is a pretty humbling experience.

MMBS Buck Hill Race

When it comes to women’s mountain biking, gals in their late 30s and 40s tend to kick butt. As a near 27-year-old, I feel like the foolish young pup, watching as the masters bike circles around me.

After finishing this weekend’s race, I definitely learned something: I don’t know it all, but if I quit, I’ll never get any better.

Outside of racing, that’s a lesson I’ve valued as profound. Sure, it seems basic, but I often need to remind myself of this fact. I have a goal in life (which I’ll keep to myself for now), and was discussing it with my mother the other day. A verbal thinker, I tend to come to conclusions while discussing issues with others. After vocalizing my fears that my dream may never happen, I turned to her and said, “But no one ever met their goals by giving up.”  She, of course, had a few wise words to say, too.

I was reminded of that message during the mountain bike race this weekend. Had I given up when I felt like it was just too hard, I never would have reached my goal, which in this case was the finish line. As I’ve mentioned before, I adore finish lines.

While I didn’t start mountain biking to uncover life’s lessons, I sure am learning some. It just so happens I’m able to do so while enjoying the outdoors and giving my body the exercise it so yearns for. I think that’s what they call winning.

A shout-out to Juice Plus team rider Dave Jensen. He took first place at the MMBS Buck Hill race on Sunday, July 10.

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