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The ‘others’ phenomenon

Written by Dave Jensen

Dave Jensen takes on a mountain bike race at Buck Hill during the summer 2010 race season.

As the lone veteran rider on Team Juice Plus, I take great pride in seeing my fellow teammates excel in the sport I’ve grown to love. In fact, I take greater satisfaction in seeing them succeed than I do in succeeding myself. As a result, my own needs often take a back seat to those of my teammates. My bike is typically the last to get washed off after a muddy race. My chain is the last to see lube, and my water bottle is the last to be filled.

While the added responsibility of leading a team might appear burdensome at best, the truth is it’s very empowering. After a season of racing alone and focusing only on myself, I’ve managed to take my personal performance to the next level by focusing more on others. This is an amazing phenomenon and one that’s not limited solely to mountain bike racing. Whether it’s a waitress helping another waitress who’s been double-sat, or a musician carrying a second guitar pic in case a fellow musician forgets, we’re usually more successful when we focus on others.

I’m not entirely sure why this is. Some would say it’s because we’re more cognizant of our own needs when we’re focused on others. Some would say it’s because of karma. Personally, I believe it’s how we’re made. That’s why I’m doing everything I can to put Team Juice Plus on the podium this year. Who knows? I might end up there myself in the process.

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