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Facing reality in Minnesota

Last year I had the brilliant plan of running through the winter to avoid the expense of a gym membership.

I made it until October.

A month ago, in the midst of 80-degree August days, I set the same goal. I imagined myself bundled up, enjoying the brisk cool air as I ran down a snowy country road.  It seemed exciting.

I sort of imagined myself looking a little like this ...

I woke up this morning to reality. When I stepped out the door just before 7 a.m., I was greeted by 40-degree weather.

On the long drive to work, I contemplated my commitment to winter running. If I couldn’t handle cold September weather, how in the heck would I take on November, December and January?

By the end of my drive, I didn’t give up on my goal, but I did modify it. I’m now setting my sights on running outside until at least after Thanksgiving. That’s progress, right? Maybe next year I’ll make it to  Christmas.

In other news …

Speaking of amazing goals, I had the pleasure this past weekend of watching two friends complete a half Ironman outside of Stillwater. The race included a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike ride and 13.1 mile run. No big deal, eh?  David Jensen and Nathan Jensen, both of Fergus Falls, rocked the course. David took 11th overall, while Nathan placed 25th.  (I’m not sure how many racers there were, but it was definitely in the hundreds.) Wow, my friends are cool. Way to go, men. – ya’ll are an inspiration.

In health news, I attended a nutrition lecture this week in Alexandria. Wendy Campbell,  RN and world renowned health speaker, discussed the correlations between diet and disease. It inspired me to continue to fuel my body with as many fresh fruits and veggies as possible. Thank you to the Juice Plus crew that put on this event.

In biking news, the last mountain bike race of the season is set for Saturday, Sept. 24 in St. Cloud. I hear this course is fun – not as technical. I’m already excited. Hopefully Team Juice Plus will take the cake!

In running news, M State – Fergus Falls is hosting a 5K on Saturday, Oct. 1. Click HERE to register!

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