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Back at it again — in both racing and blogging
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After a new job, a move to the big city (Minneapolis) and a break from the race scene, I’m back — and arguably better than ever.

I was not, however, better Sunday, as I bombed my first mountain bike event of the year, crossing the finish line with the look of a shamed puppy. I could blame gear malfunctions, and I largely will, but a lot of it had to do with ill preparation.

Is it a coincidence that my poor performance occurred after I had abandoned my blog? Probably not, but I’m going to go with it. Blog, you are now my good luck charm – and so I shall begin again, documenting my journeys while moving this body.

During Sunday’s race in Mankato, I nearly decided to quit, what would be considered a DNF (Did Not Finish), but I decided to continue on, even though I realized I would not be able to catch up and my ‘finish’ would be more than embarrassing. I’m glad I completed, though — it was humbling, but there’s something to be said about keeping on, especially when you’re tired and, frankly, ticked off.

While too delirious yesterday afternoon to compute what I learned from Sunday’s race, I realized today that I learned something new — and didn’t break anything. A victory of sorts, I’d say.


On a completely different tangent, I came across the most ridiculously stupid headline today in the Huffington Post:

Static Exercise Moves: Sculpt A Tight, Toned Body Without Moving

I get it, it’s about working the core when you can. But the headline seems to appeal to those who attempt to avoid exercise like the plague. That’s too bad — a lot of fun can be had when people decide to ‘move that body.’


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